Seminole Kids Academy would like to thank you for stopping in to learn about our facility.

We understand that choosing an early learning environment for your child is a big step and one that is not taken lightly, rest assured that we take the whole family’s best interest at heart.

Since 1971, Seminole Kids Academy and our children’s families begin by forming an alliance committed toworking together in order to nurture their children’s developmental needs. We are a licensed and Apple accredited organization that offers a full staff who values their credentials and training, keeping our highly qualified educators eager to care for your children. Our teachers enrich and support your child’s intellect, social, physical, and emotional skills which help them foster great habits that will serve them through the very important stages of early childhood. Our goal is that when you talk to your children about the experiences they have while in our care, their answers always delight you affirming that our loving alliance is working.

Seminole Kids Academy values the importance of having a strong academic program in place in order to support structure, discipline, and cooperation. Here at Seminole Kids Academy we teach pre-math, pre-reading, ethical education, vocabulary expansion, and introduction to computers that will better prepare them for the many exciting elements of early childhood education.

We promote learning through play as well with varied activities such as painting, music, storytelling, dancing, crafts, and reading which will give them many opportunities to explore, be creative, and problem solve. Our quality caregivers provide stimulating educational activities that allow your child to demonstrate their strengths, giving us the foundation to cultivate your child’s individual needs. We believe every child brings with them something special to share with their peers allowing us to facilitate understanding and acceptance of cultural and ethnic differences.